About Us

Our team consists of excellent specialists, creative minds and a global network of partners. We pride ourselves on having people with different areas of expertise and unique specialists on our team.

We value our employees and partners very much and attach great importance to professional, cordial and respectful interaction with one another.

Our team​


We are active throughout Europe and in the entire MENA region. We mainly work with customers and partners from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Bulgaria as well as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Academical and fundamental knowledge

The better a consultant knows the technical side, the language, the principles, the boundary conditions and of course the goals, the more precisely he can adapt to the requirements and develop a solution.

We are experts in the fields of business consulting, business start-ups, project development and management as well as marketing. We specialize in major events such as trade fairs and sporting events as well as the areas of environmental technology, energy solutions and industrial plants.